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What people are saying about us

I’m a 17 year old, autistic, transgender male. I wasn’t diagnosed with autism until a few months ago. Looking back now, I honestly don’t know how it was missed. I’d had such an awful few years.

Meeting Claire was like a light switch going on; she made me realise, it’s not me who’s a failure; it’s the system which has failed me.

When I meet her, I never feel judged, pressured or awkward, or that I’m in a ‘traditional’ therapy session. I was so low and on edge when I first met her, for the first couple of sessions, we just hung out and chatted and fed the animals in her therapy centre. She just makes me feel so at ease; I actually want to go meet up with her and discuss my feelings. Trust me, I never thought I would ever feel this way. Before I met her, after four and a half years in child mental health services, I didn’t want to see or speak to another therapist ever again! I couldn’t understand why I felt so rubbish after a therapy session at NHS; now I know, it’s because I’m autistic and they just didn’t know how to speak my ‘language’. Claire ‘gets’ me loud and clear.

If any parent or another young person is swithering about whether to pick up the phone to TAAUK, please just do it. You won’t regret it. Not for a second.

Felix, Fife

Claire is incredibly intelligent and she certainly puts it to good use; she works around the clock to do what she can to help and assist anybody who is lucky enough to know her. I have rarely seen such focus and determination in any individual. Claire puts everything she has into her work, she is generous and selfless, and that in itself is an inspiration.

Jack, Glasgow

After being assessed by the NHS for Autism, I was told I was more likely to be ADHD. This was after a 90 minute assessment, which I found to be less than thorough.

I then approached one of the founders of SWAN ( Scottish Women's Autism Network ) for advice in regards to my less than satisfactory assessment.

I was given a recommendation of Dr. Claire Evans-Williams from The Autism Academy, and I promptly emailed her and told her of my situation and assessment.  Initially we emailed one another as I asked her many question in regards to her interest, experience and diagnostic testing methods.

We then agreed to a time and date for the assessment.

Claire was very polite and not overly formal and put me to rest as we began the assessment. She was very patient and took time to explain what certain questions actually meant, and took time to really listen to what I wanted to say without trying to rush me. Her methods were very thorough but not overwhelming and I found the whole experience much less stressful than I previously thought it might be.

Once the assessment was done, Claire took the time to explain her findings with me and help me make sense of it, which was greatly appreciated.

Once I received the full written report we discussed it on the telephone, which once again Claire took the time to discuss with me in detail, and answered my many questions to my satisfaction.

I would 100% recommend Claire as far as she is very knowledgeable and and passionate about her work. And I find myself in a much better place because of her, with a better idea on how to overcome obstacles and improve any areas of my life that may need improving.

Pamela, Glasgow

I can’t praise the work the TAAUK team highly enough. Put simply, Dr Claire Evans-Williams, their founder and Clinical Psychologist, is one of those one-in-a-million people, you very rarely chance upon in life; she’s one of the most talented, intuitive, compassionate, inspiring and energising women, and practitioners I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Her infectious personality and wicked sense of humour are just a lovely, unexpected bonus.  

Claire came into our lives like a shining beacon during a very bleak, harrowing, dark period. We were in the depths of crisis when I emailed her in despair, one very difficult Sunday afternoon. By 8pm, I had received a reply email and we spoke on the phone the next morning. The minute I listened to her talk, I knew she was going to be a lifeline.

She offered practical suggestions, based on solid evidence, just rolled her sleeves up and got stuck into trying to make sense of the situation we found ourselves in. The difference her involvement made was phenomenal. After years of battling against the grain with child mental health services, she was a breath of fresh air. At long last, a clinician who actually REALLY knew about autism in girls, and the mental health issues that can develop from struggling so long with unidentified autism.

Since we first met Claire and her TAAUK colleagues, they have continued to inspire and influence our family in the most wonderfully, positive way. Watch this space...this woman is going to be a trailblazer in the world of Autism and make a real, meaningful difference to those people and families who will be truly blessed to have her fighting in their corner, and on THEIR  team. I shudder to think where we would be now without her.


Lesley, Fife