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Our Services

Clinical Services

Assessment, Post Diagnostic Therapy and Mental Health Therapy

Assessment, Post Diagnostic Therapy, Mental Health Therapy and details of Costs and Services available.

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Professional services

Consultancy, education and training development.

Clinical Supervision Sometimes it can be a challenge to locate and/or access the clinical supervision you need. If you are seeking a clinical supervisor that can support reflective practise, guide individual learning and support development needs, TAAUK can help you. Clinical supervision also promotes safe, and effective working practices, and can empower clinicians to provide the best possible s…

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Research Services

Academic Enquiry and Research.

The mantra, “Nothing about us without us” has often been invoked to demand the inclusion of people with disabilities in research and policy-making. Such an approach to Autism research is best achieved through Participatory Action Research (PAR), involving quantitative (e.g. surveys asking for numerical ratings of statements), qualitative (e.g. interviews), and/or mixed methods (e.g. a combination …

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