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Dr. Damien J. Williams - Volunteer/Assistant Psychologist

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Dr Damien Williams

Volunteer/Assistant Psychologist

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Dr. Williams completed both his undergraduate degree (Experimental Psychology) and Doctorate from the University of Bristol. He acquired his masters degree in Public Health (specialism in Health Promotion) from the University of Manchester to further his understanding of ways to identify and resolve health needs. His educational and research interests are broad, but centre around mental and physical health promotion. He is an experienced researcher in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methodologies, and adopts a pragmatic approach to real-world research questions; using methods that best answer the question. He is an advocate of pragmatic, participatory research.

His many roles include: Public Health lead (2014-) and Programme Director for the Masters in Global Health Implementation (2014-2018) in the University of St Andrews); Advisory Board Member for the Centre for Minorities Research, University of St Andrews 2017-); Member of the European Network for Training, Education, and Research (ENTER) in Mental Health (2017-); International Advisor to the Masters degree in Global Health, University of Ghent (2017-); and Co-Director of the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy (2015-2018).